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Janelle Baine
Occupation: Owner of Inkee Press
Location: Rotorua, New Zealand
Website: www.inkeepress.co.nz

Janelle Baine is the owner of Inkee Press, a graphic design studio specializing in print media and branding.

When did you know you wanted to be a graphic designer, and what kind of education did you pursue?
I took three art subjects in my last year of high school and topped my design class. I originally wanted to go on an become a police officer, but my design teacher landed me a job in the industry right out of school. So since that moment I’ve pursued all things design and print, working for small design and print companies. After having my second child I decided to try and do it alone, and work from home so I could spend more time with my two children.

As a freelancer, how do you balance your work and home life?
This has taken a while to get right. Originally I would almost work 24/7, booking myself out to clients more than I could handle, weekends were none existent! I have finally managed to set up a successful schedule where I pan out my bookings as to not over work myself, minimising large branding jobs to just one a week. When I am done for the week, my door shuts, and I am focused on home and kids. Work says at behind closed doors. As soon as my eldest started school, I altered my hours to finish at 3pm so I could focus on the kids. Its working great so far!

Where do you turn to for inspiration (blogs, nature, Pinterest, etc.)?
I’d have to say that pinterest is my one stop shop for inspiration, I also get clients to make up their own boards when looking at branding. I spend a lot of time on Instagram as well, and the amount of inspiration on there from other creatives is HUGE and I am loving following so many of them from all over the world, I draw a lot of inspiration from just taking my own photographs as well especially color inspiration from nature! 

What was your favorite project to work on?
I love brand styling, so going from developing a logo design, through to business stationery and seeing how it all marries and comes together. But I also love to do layout, magazine, booklet and newsletter layouts is so much fun, I love the challenge of getting it all to flow nicely, like a big jigsaw puzzle. My background is predominately print, so this is my forte, but I’ve recently starting working with a developer on e-blasts and landing pages which has been a really exciting experience for me.

Do you have a network of designers that you keep in touch with? How do they influence your work?
Yes! I have a couple of designs who I just adore! They are constantly pushing themselves creatively which inspires me to do the same. I have a good working relationship with them, where I will refer work if we feel the other is stronger for that particular job. I would love to do some collaborative work some day too!

What wisdom has someone passed to you that you have kept close? What would you tell up-and-coming creative to help them on
their journeys?
Do what you love! In some of my 9-5 jobs, I did a lot of design that I wasn’t so passionate about, I had the ability but not the passion. I’ve created a portfolio of jobs that I LOVED being apart of, in order to attract more clients who want the same so of style. Don’t try and be a one stop shop designer, if you are passionate about a certain type of design then target yourself towards those types of customers. Don’t undersell yourself either, make yourself worth the investment, otherwise you attract customers who just want something for nothing. Stay true to your own style and be original!