NAME: Kelsi Vande Velden
LOCATION: Maui, Hawaii
OCCUPATION: Owner/Founder of Pandeia

The Wisconsin girl turned Maui babe is the brains and creative magic behind Pandeia sundial watches. 


How did the idea for Pandeia come about?
The idea of Pandeia came up when I was nineteen on a road trip. I stopped at a hole in the wall antique store in California and spent the rest of my gas money on an antique pocket sundial. When I got home, I drilled leather straps to the side of it and fastened it wish a buckle that I took off an old purse. I wore that around for years and got so many complements on it that it made me think. Five years later and a move to Hawaii later, Pandeia was born.

What has been your greatest accomplishment with the brand?

So far, my greatest accomplishment would probably be this comment. People thinking that Pandeia is a "brand" is more than I ever imagined. Most people don't know that Pandeia is a one-woman show...I had no idea when I first started that people would like them as much as they do, or that it would become more than a full-time job. Beyond that, getting my watches into Free People was pretty freakin' sweet! I have been addicted to Free People for years!

What is your studio space like? How has living in Hawaii fueled your creative process?

My studio space is rad, if I do say so myself! It's a three story jungle studio on the island of Maui. Chickens in the yard, cats on the roof, and watch making materials strewn all about! Living on Maui has impacted my creative process in many ways. The overall vibe, natural beauty and nice weather are givens... The best part about Maui is that it seems to draw in other creative souls. I love meeting and collaborating with these creative types. We all help each other with our various brands and stores.