NAME: Kim Hersov
LOCATION: London, England
OCCUPATION: Magazine Editor, Designer, Stylist, Consultant

While in London, I met up with Kim, who is not only the Editor at Large for Porter Magazine, but also the Co-Founder of the luxe bohemian travel brand Talitha, columnist for Net-A-Porter's weekly Edit, Co-Chair of the Fashion Trust for the British Council, and styling consultant for Louis Vuitton. 

The two of us met up at a French restaurant in Kensington, and she told me how she got her start in the fashion industry as a teenager and modeling in her hometown of San Fransisco. She described her style at the time as, "anti-fashion," and that fashion was not a high priority. As time progressed however, Hersov's stylish grandmother became her style inspiration.

Hersov attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and was a history major. By chance, she landed an internship at U.S. Vogue when she moved to New York, which then led her to becoming the Editor-At-Large for Harper's and Queen (now Harper's Bazaar) when she moved to London. She noticed a kind of creativity in London that was different from that of New York and Northern California.

While at Harper's Bazaar, Hersov wrote a print column called 'Catwalk to Closet,' which evolved into a video series for Net-A-Porter's weekly Edit. She shared with me how, "there was a definite learning curve (when working with cameras)." The outfits she puts together are carefully selected and always manage to evoke a sense of bohemian spirit. Her favorite trend in summer is the World Traveller trend and the, "artisanal aspect" of it, which her brand Talitha has kept in the spirit of. 

The original vision for Talitha, which Hersov co-founded with her friend Shon Randhawa, was to provide women with the, "ideal summer traveller's wardrobe," which was lacking in the fashion industry at the time. Talitha started by accident, when Hersov and Randhawa met to talk about Randhawa's brand, Patine, in India. 

Talitha offers everything from fringed kimonos and carefully hand-embroidered tops, to patterned kaftans and sculpted capes. Knowing that things were missing in her own holiday wardrobe, Hersov strived to create quality pieces she desired herself, while also presenting pieces that were unique to what the market currently had to offer. 

Hersov has taken many chances throughout her life which have led to great opportunities within the world of fashion and business. As she told me, "Sometimes the best things in life happen by accident!"